Sunday, November 30, 2014

Albino Asparagus Ferns

The asparagus ferns I left in the containers stayed green through a week of freezing temperatures.  Eventually, they succumbed and I now have albino asparagus ferns.


  1. They make a lovely arrangement in that old rusty tin.

    Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

  2. They are aren't they! Looks like it would make great fall decorations! Or perhaps Christmas!

  3. Hello from Poland :))))
    I have to say - I like you very. You have a positive influence on me. I am very happy when I see a new post on your blog.

  4. Looks neat! I wonder if they are dried from the freezing temps?
    At any rate, makes a great "filler".
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We did manage to go skiing, though the snow was a tad "skimpy".

  5. It looks very pretty!

  6. GonSS, every thing is gone here as well. My neighbor's Asparagus at Terra Nova Gardens has the same look to it as yours. He planted another 17 plants this year so now he has four beds of Asparagus. He planted two beds last year and is hoping to get some harvest this next year from those two beds. He's been growing potatoes there as well. His potato harvest last year was pretty good considering. Potatoes and Asparagus must be very durable because they both endured the extreme weather that blew through at the end of June.

    Hey, I got my first seed catalog last Friday. The best Christmas gift ever. So I guess the garden season for next year has kind of started. February is when I declare the garden season offically started. It's when the cabbage and onion seeds go under the grow lights. Next year I'll have plenty of plants for replanting if that extreme weather hits again. It caught me this year but not next year.

    Have a great day enjoying the winter garden look.

  7. It's getting cold!!! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Chris

  8. They still give a nice texture! And, actually, that blonde color gives a nice contrast with the rusty milk can....

  9. I actually thought that was a new variety, but then I read that they froze. They look neat in your tin! :-)

    Thanks for checking in on me. Your get well wishes were much appreciated.




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