Saturday, November 15, 2014

Feels Like Winter

Our mild autumn came to an end on Veteran's Day.  We had a big front come through and have been below freezing since.  Sometimes with gusty winds.  Brrrr!

We had a little snow on Tuesday and a good covering last night.  We should warm up next week.

The garden should be asleep now.

 I left some asparagus ferns in containers this year since I didn't have room to bring them all into the house.  Despite the cold, they still look good.


  1. Hello from Poland: My dear! The shock :)
    This is an amazing view of your garden. For me, autumn yet but meteorologists predict snow for two weeks.
    Welcome to my windowsill :)

  2. Ah, winter arrives for you. Good time to switch gears and enjoy the season. If you're like everyone else--it's time to start thinking of the holidays and then the wind-down period. And--before you know it (!!!) the seed catalogs start arriving.
    (I left some "spikes" in my barrels out front and despite having been below freezing for the past couple of weeks, they are alive. Not happy. But alive-LOL!)

  3. Brrr! You Are having cold weather. The snow doesn't seem to have hurt the asparagus ferns. Whatever you do, do NOT plant these in the ground unless you want to be fighting with them taking over the rest of your gardening life. They are a real pain, literally, with their thorns, then they spread undeground and are hard to dig up.

    Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

    1. Good to note on keeping them in containers. I'm interested to see how long they last outside in the winter. I have friends who sit their pots in the garage and they survive well. Since our garage does stay warmer than outside, I may try that next year and skip the mess they make in the house.

  4. GonSS, oh yeah, we here in Nebraska got that same winter blast. I happened to be working in the garden that day and in the course of 30 minutes I went from sunshine working in a T-shirt to overcast wearing a long sleeve shirt and hoodie. By the time I finished what I wanted to get done it was snowing and as you stated has not been above freezing since. Last night we got another 3 inches of snow bringing the total accumulation up to about five inches with no melting in sight. Right now it's 8 degrees with -8 wind chill. I'm planning on staying inside all day long. Well, except for scraping off the driveway. I have to play in the snow at least a little bit. :-) I think maybe we are in for a long cold winter.

    Have a great inside warm winter day.

  5. I am amazed at how good the asparagus ferns are still looking, despite the cold and snow. I didn't think they would survive freezing temperatures.

    We got about 2" (max) overnight, which makes me very happy. We need every little droplet of moisture we can get.

  6. Hi There, We too are having WINTER here MUCH too early.. We had snow on November 1st--- and it got VERY cold for several days. Then this week, we've gotten the same arctic blast that you have had --but we haven't had much snow this time. It is DARN cold though and one forecaster said that it would go down to about 13 degrees tonight... AND to think: It's STILL November... Mercy Me!!!! It's gonna be a long winter for sure....

    Take care and stay warm.

  7. This cold is horrible so far this year isn't it? I guess we have another year like last year. Have some nice holidays.

  8. Hope you guys are enjoying Thanksgiving.

  9. Hello my dear :)
    I am happy to report that, and my garden is ready for winter rest. Hip hip hooray !!
    : D


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