Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Squash Table

In years past, I've stored winter squash in the guest room on top of a dresser.  
We are currently in the guest room as we sloooooowwwly remodel our bedroom.

Because we actually got rain this year, the squash plants grew quite well.

Where to put the winter squash?

Since the family room has a lot of displaced furniture (and some lumber) due to our bedroom remodel anyway, why not add some colorful winter squash to the scene.

I promised some of the candy roaster squash to a neighbor.
Otherwise, they are decorative until eaten.  

I thought I was unique in storing my winter squash in the family room until I read a post from The Idiot Gardener.  He has a lot more squash in his living room.

Thanksgiving should reduce my squash display.


  1. That's a lot of squash you have there. We can't keep ours indoors because they seem to deteriorate too quickly. They are brightening up the side of the house at the moment. Any recipes from the USA?

  2. Your squash is beautiful! I clicked on the link - wow, what a LOT of squash! Wishing you both a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. GonSS, squash was not to be for me this year. I didn't get any of the vine plants in the ground this year due to the extreme weather storm that broke my gardening spirit. Well, what really made the decision to give up was the health issues that plagued me during the summer months. Next year I'm expecting great things from the garden. I already have devised a backup plan for the backup plan. By July the garden centers are fresh out of plants to replant if a severe storm comes through and destroys your garden so I really didn't have the plants to restore the garden.

    Have a great squash/pumpkin day.

  4. What a lovely harvest of squash and I'm sure you'll be having some delicious recipes for the holidays.

    Have happy holidays ~ FlowerLady

  5. Fun way to display the squash. I always think of it at Halloween and Thanksgiving, but never until it is eaten. At least your house is under construction, a good reason for produce in the family room. LOL

  6. I very much like a pumpkin decorations. I marveled at corn hanging at friends. Beautiful autumn in your living room :) I wish you a nice weekend :))))

  7. Your squash is beautiful. Went to the link and found a memory for me. My parents had a crib coming from my grandparents, so when I was born it hadn't arrived yet. My sleeping place was in a dresser drawer for a short time. He certainly has a lot of squash. I just used three for Thanksgiving.Yum!
    Have a great holiday. Balisha

  8. Lots of squash - how awesome! I don't recognize the long squash with the green tips. It looks very interesting. What can you tell me about it?!

    1. It is candy roaster squash. A friend in TN gave me the seeds. He says they are quite common there. I can send you some seeds to try. They got huge this year with the rain. I compare them to a butternut squash maybe in taste. Some people use them like pumpkin for pies. I'm hoping to find a time to cook them all at once and gets some seeds for planting again and roast the rest.

  9. I can just picture squash hidden under the couch, balanced on the bookcases and adorning the end tables. Well, hopefully people will think you've decorated for Thanksgiving. Great harvest!

  10. I'll bet the squash tastes as good as it looks. It does make a nice table decoration.

  11. Your Squash makes for a beautiful winter arrangement in your home... Good Luck with your renovating.. Sometimes that takes longer than you wish it did --but the end result will be beautiful.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. I hope you had some yummy squash dish on your Thanksgiving table!!!

  13. I used my squash and pumpkins as decoration and it changed as we ate them!


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