Monday, December 29, 2014

Garden Gifts for GonSS

Hello!  Hope this finds you well and continuing to feed your gardening soul.

We are good at GonSS.  The holiday season kept us busy, busy.  We enjoyed many gatherings with family and friends.  We ate our share of holiday treats.  We sang Christmas carols (hopefully the people in the pew in front of us in church didn't mind our voices), and we counted our blessings for this past year.  We're also trying to complete a remodeling project.  The end is in sight!

We are looking forward to ringing in 2015 in some relaxing way with just the two of us.  There will likely be a meal out at a favorite local restaurant involved.  We're also going to be huddled indoors for the next week.  An arctic front is dropping our temperature as I type this.  The crazy cold wind chills will be the worst.  We may also get a bit of snow.  Perhaps the January garden tour photos will sport some snow.

Santa delivered many nice gifts to this gardener.  I thought I would share with you the two gardening gifts I received from my wonderful husband's parents.

These two hangers are so cute!  Now to decide where they will go.

There are ten plant labels in each package.  Some of them are going to be used in the vegetable garden.  Maybe next year, I won't have to wait until the summer squash plants make produce to know which plant is which.  :-)

The only gardening gift Santa didn't deliver were hyacinth bulb vases.  This past fall, I bought more bulbs than I have vases for.  My plan is to utilize some other containers this year in various ways and keep my eyes open for hyacinth vases for next year.  The hyacinth bulbs are currently in the refrigerator.  I'll post on their progress.

Happy, happy new year!  Be well my gardening friends.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Garden on Holiday

It is quiet in the garden as we are in the holiday season.  The plants seem asleep with little change, but I know the roots are working below the surface.  The birds continue to be fed and watered. The indoor plants keep reaching for the low sunlight.  Hopes of gardening items dance in this gardener's head as Santa's visit draws near.

Many of the trees and shrubs in our area still have leaves that were freeze dried in place at the beginning of November.  Windy days seem more like autumn with leaves blowing down the street.  We've had very little snow and just a touch of rain.  While not carrying our shower water out at this time of year, we continue to catch the water we run to heat water for the dishes and that goes outside to the bird baths or around some plants.

Holding off on the garden catalogs and plans for next season until the Christmas festivities pass.  The December tour photos are coming soon.  Hope you are well.

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