Saturday, December 6, 2014

Garden on Holiday

It is quiet in the garden as we are in the holiday season.  The plants seem asleep with little change, but I know the roots are working below the surface.  The birds continue to be fed and watered. The indoor plants keep reaching for the low sunlight.  Hopes of gardening items dance in this gardener's head as Santa's visit draws near.

Many of the trees and shrubs in our area still have leaves that were freeze dried in place at the beginning of November.  Windy days seem more like autumn with leaves blowing down the street.  We've had very little snow and just a touch of rain.  While not carrying our shower water out at this time of year, we continue to catch the water we run to heat water for the dishes and that goes outside to the bird baths or around some plants.

Holding off on the garden catalogs and plans for next season until the Christmas festivities pass.  The December tour photos are coming soon.  Hope you are well.

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  1. It's definately a restful time in the garden.
    I place seed orders early, but I'm not even thinking about them until after all the holiday madness. It just gets earlier and earlier every year with those catalogs. I've gotten a 1/2 dozen already. Crazy!

  2. I look forward to the tour photos!

    We have warm weather here, but it is interspersed with some cold nights. Right now, the sun is shining.



  3. Life continues in the garden...only underground as you say. I still keep thinking that there must be something that needs doing outside.....and then I go out.... and find it's cold and retreat to the house again. I left several plants standing and have decided to cut them down before they are buried in snow. Most of the seeds have been eaten and the birds are visiting the feeders and scolding me for not having them filled early enough.

  4. Hello!! :)))
    You're right :) Our gardens have a holiday now. I never thought about it. It sounds very cool. Kisses

  5. Our yard/garden, too, are "on holiday". I realize that I'm not a "true" gardener in the sense that I think and plan all winter for the next growing season. No. It's more like I "settle down for a long winter's nap"!

    I HAVE been enjoying garden blogs though - and some YouTube excursions into various gardens! I'll look forward to the December tour of Sherlock Street.

  6. GonSS, all is well here. The gardens are snoozing and I find that so am I in the cozy blanket covered recliner. Short naps during the winter time just seem to fit into the schedule more than during the busy outside summer time. Of course right now the frenzy of Christmas cards and Christmas gift card buying is at hand. In a couple weeks my December schedule will settle down and I'll be able to concentrate on next year's garden. February will be the beginning of the gardening year with seed starting. But for now 'tis the season to be jolly. Fa la la la la la la. :-)

    Have a great Christmas season.

  7. How's your water situation going? Has the drought eased up yet?

    We're still pretty dry here, although we did get a nice rain about a week ago. Hopefully we'll be getting some over the weekend, too - at least, that's what's predicted.

    We've been away for several weeks over the last 2 months, so I haven't really been out in the garden at all. As I catch up on my blog post reading, my gardening instincts are getting restless, so I may "have" to take the camera and binoculars out tomorrow. The boys would sure be glad of a walk!


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