Monday, January 5, 2015

During Moments of Winter, Roast Something

Last Saturday, I posted the January tour photos.  I took those that morning.

We then enjoyed the day with temperatures getting above freezing and much of the snow melting.  However, there was a winter weather advisory posted for our area for that night.

Around 4 pm, this arrived.

It got much worse before it let up.
The state highway department closed the major roads in our area because visibility was near zero as it got dark.

I had the perfect project ready.

Last summer, my candy roaster squash plants were quite productive.  After sharing several with friends, I still had a stockpile of them on our coffee table in the family room.

Candy roaster squash stores very well.  You can just roast one as you need it, but I decided to try roasting the seeds this year too.  So, I wanted to do all of them at once.

Each was cut open, seeds removed, wrapped loosely in foil and roasted for about an hour at 350 degrees.

 That was just long enough to soften them so a spoon would easily scoop out the squash.

Into freezer bags to be reheated later with different additions like brown sugar or olive oil with garlic salt.

Then, I roasted the seeds using my roasted pumpkin seed recipe.
I did save some of the seeds for planting in the spring.

The candy roaster squash seeds have a nuttier test.
My wonderful husband approved them for future roastings. 

Now, I have space on my coffee table, roasted seeds to snack on and squash in the freezer for suppers.

We spent an hour on Sunday digging out of a 2.5" snowfall that put drifts in the most inconvenient places:  the driveway and the patio.  At least the wind stopped sometime Saturday night.


  1. How neat to eat your own produce.

    Your snowy weather looks/sounds brutal to this barefoot girl, sitting here at my desk with the a.c. going.

    Hope your week is a good one.


  2. Oh, those winds!
    We had that today---and it was so bitterly cold.
    You found a great project to do--tasty to boot!

  3. Mmmmm. Sounds like an absolutely delicious winter project! I'm going to have to look for that squash. Where did you find the seeds?

  4. How clever! Snow missed us although we did have some forecast but we are grateful! And that squash looks delicious!

  5. It sounds like they tasted very good. You were energetic during the storm. We are experiencing a storm right now with 6 inches or more before it stops.

  6. Hello! :)
    I do not have winter in the garden now, and I began to long for spring. I have not eaten such roasted seeds never. They are tasty for sure. :)))

  7. Sounds delicious. We roast different types of squash and just eat them as they are, skins and all. On the bbq with a little salt, pepper and honey is mmmm.

  8. Good for you! Sounds wonderful! Snowy weather is a great reason to stay indoors and catch up on reading:)

  9. Your morning outdoors looks just like ours. I woke up to six inches this morning but I am glad for the snow cover with this cold temps. I have never eaten squash seeds. I bet they are yummy. You are right it is a good project for such a cold day.

  10. GonSS, we missed the snow here in Nebraska but sure got the cold temperatures. Low of -5 tonight with high of 1 degree tomorrow. The 10 MPH wind will make the chill factor sub zero all day. It won't be fit for man nor beast and only the not retired will venture out. :-)

    Have a great winter squash roasting day.


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