Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hyacinth Bulbs Freed From The Refrigerator

In early November, I put six hyacinth bulbs into a brown paper bag and put the bag into the refrigerator.  Hyacinth bulbs need a chilling period to bloom.  I labeled the bag clearly so no one would eat the bulbs.  :-)

Today, I pulled the bag out of the refrigerator and inspected the bulbs.  Each has a sprout starting to show.

I gathered two hyacinth bulb vases, a couple of other vases that will work because they have 'necks' and a couple of bud vases which I filled with glass pebbles.  Each vase is filled with water to just below the hyacinth bulb.

Now, to put them in a sunny room (but not in the sun) and wait for growth, roots and blooms.

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  1. Won't that be a nice burst of spring---just when you need it the most!
    Don't forget to keep us posted on those beauties!

  2. GonSS, Hmmmm, I always wondered how that was done. It seems to be fairly easy to accomplish. It might even be a possibility in my direct sunless house. Something to think about during the dreary days of the winter solace.

    Have a great Hyacinth bulb forcing day.

  3. How exciting! Do you save the bulbs after blooming for next year? I look forward to seeing your bulbs grow and bloom.


  4. That will be fun to see when they all go into bloom.

  5. Oh, that's going to be so much fun as they grow and bloom! What a great winter project.

  6. I love doing this as well. I do the paperwhites first and then the hyacinths! And I do think the hyacinths are my favorites! Do look for the bulb vases at flea markets -- I find one about every two or three years -- the colored ones -- they're not all that common but a treasure when you do come across them. When we lived in England I remember walking into a room of an antique shop and there was a whole shelf of them -- sigh -- I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't buy anything that could be broken! Sigh!

    1. I will keep looking. I've passed on some before, but now I love how great it is to have those flowers inside that I'm going to get some.


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