Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last Bedroom Done

Since I posted about our remodeling of the upstairs extra bedroom and our remodeling of the downstairs extra bedroom, I thought I should share our remodeling of the master bedroom.

This took us a while to complete.  Since starting the project over a year ago, my mother had heart surgery and an aunt broke a leg and had two months of recuperation.  Seemed we spent a lot of time at hospitals.  Plus, we moved the aunt and the uncle to an assisted living center with a lot of things to take care of at their house.  We also spent all our free time last summer training for our hike across the Grand Canyon which was worth it!  We just lived in the downstairs extra bedroom with piles of furniture and boxes in the family room and slowly kept working toward our goal.  Now, it is done!!!  We are going to move our furniture back in this coming Saturday.

This project included removing a chimney that went through the room from a fireplace in the family room below--it will be removed completely when we do that room; removing makeshift closets someone put around the chimney; patching the ceiling, floor and walls in that area after removing everything; re-configuring a closet that is over a stairway (meaning it had a sloped floor) so that we have shelves behind the doors and a cabinet behind the closet with access from the side; replacing the hanging rod and shelves in the main closet, installing crown moulding; having new doors installed; sanding everything so it could be painted or stained as was appropriate and making access to the attic larger again like it was before someone stuck a chimney over part of the opening.  I'm sure I'm forgetting something.  Anyway, it is done!!!

Here are before and after photos.

Main closet.

The wall of closets.  There was a chimney in between the two left closets.  The right closet was very deep and you had to step up and then crawl into it to do anything in there.  It is over a stairway.

This is the tiny access to the attic in the back of a closet beside the chimney.

Chimney, and two closets gone.  Larger attic access under the quilt hanging rod.  Cabinet in the corner behind the closet.  Mirror on the door to hallway.

The many shelves in the redesigned closet.

If you think the color looks familiar, it is because we have painted all the bedrooms the same color.  It is just us in the house and this way linens should be interchangeable!

Next post will be about gardening again.


  1. What a wonderful job you did! I think that is going to work out so much better.
    We had a space like that in our home---funky closets hiding attic spaces.....I was so glad to get rid of it. I do wish I had a closet as big as yours--WOW!
    Anyway, nice job.

    1. Sue,
      The closet has been filled. We had stuff in three different closet areas and used a rolling rack for my hubby's stuff he needed everyday. Nice to get everything in one place! Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they cobble together stuff.

  2. Nice job! I know you're glad to have that behind you and will enjoy setting up your furniture again in there tomorrow. Have fun moving into your new room.


  3. GonSS, it's always satisfying when a project gets finished, isn't it. I seem to always have several open projects going at one time. I have a tendency to focus on the unfinished projects and not remember the ones that have been completed. At the end of the year I have to browse through my blog posts for the year and remember just how much has been accomplished or I think that not a lot got finished. It's an encouragement to me to see how many things have either progressed or got finished. Then it's on to the next project.

    I can certainly identify with interruptions of life events that take time away from the project at hand. In past times I found myself just a little bit agitated by having to spend what seemed like the best days to garden involved with family and friends projects. At the end of the day, I'm so glad that I have helped and I now factor interruptions into my project time which makes life a lot more livable. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Have a great day enjoying your newly finished bedroom.

    1. Dave,
      It is good to have those interruptions and help others. We had a lot of days we had planned to work on the room and someone needed something, but we were fine where we were so a little more delay was worth it to take care of those we love. You do a great job of helping others. I hope you get a few indoor projects done this winter. We're looking at maybe some snow this weekend but not really any to stick. Hopefully, rain!

  4. Hello my dear :)
    Do not visited you for lack of time, but I am.
    Where is now the chimney? You have removed it completely?
    You've done a lot of work. Bravo!

    1. The chimney is gone. We had the top portion removed when the roof was last worked on. We have now removed the part that came through our bedroom. We will take out the firebox and everything when we do the family room. It was added to the house and is not a good fireplace. Just removing the chimney has greatly improved our houses heating and cooling because we no longer have a tunnel bringing in the outside temperature.

  5. Nice job. I put off painting and remodeling jobs until inspiration strikes me like a bolt of lightening. That doesn't happen too often. My next job will be removing wallpaper. Worst job of all!

  6. Fun to share in the enjoyment of your hard work.

  7. It sounds as if you've rebuilt part of the house, but it definitely looks wonderful. I'm not sure I would want to tackle a job that big.

    1. Sometimes, I feel like we're rebuilding from the inside out!

  8. Oh, my! I thought we had a lot going on! I hope all is well with your family and you get to enjoy the changes you've made to your home. It's looking good!


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