Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Roots and Sprouts

The hyacinth bulbs are putting down good roots and sprouting.
The front bulb on the right has a small sprout but it has good roots in those glass pebbles.  I'm expecting it to still do well.  An improvement from the day I took them out of the refrigerator.


  1. So good to see a progress report on your pretty (soon to be) flowers.
    We had MINUS 4 degrees yesterday morning for our daily walk. We didn't see any flowers--LOL!

  2. How exciting! The waiting is over, (being in the fridge) now the fun begins as you watch them grow and bloom.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for you kind comments on my blog.


  3. Hyacinths grown like this are such good fun. Those you have look very healthy, and I look forward to seeing them in flower.

  4. GonSS, I'm not one to really have live plants inside. Well, I do start seeds for the garden but not so much do I have plants that are in the blooming stage. I admire those that take the time to cultivate the winter plants and coax them into flowering. I guess there's just too much row crop farmer in me and not enough true gardener. :-)

    Have a great Hyacinth bulb forcing day.


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