Sunday, January 11, 2015

Seed Stash

I dug out the vegetable seeds box Friday evening to see what I had on hand.  One post back, I have the list of what I will likely plant.  The varieties don't change much from year to year as I've gardened enough years now to know what usually works for us, and I don't have a huge space to try a lot of different things.  Not all of that list will go in the garden.  I will edit as the season unfolds;  but, there is bound to be something new I'll want to try also.  I have my collection of seed catalogs ready for some serious perusing.  I did manage to narrow it down to three that I may order from.

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  1. When I was a little girl, I couldn't wait to go with my mother to the hardware store and pick out seed packets! I would get so excited, and we got to pick out flowers and veggies. We actually had a large garden which was tended by someone who worked for my father, but I loved the preparation that went into it. And my grandfather had an enviable garden by anyone's standards. There was a bounty of goodness within, and my grandparents ate fresh veggies all the time and fresh frozen as well. I miss it SO much. I so admire gardeners, and I can't wait to see what you do come spring planting!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Oh, you must get paperwhites next year -- they are so easy! And they do brighten gray January days!

  3. GonSS, oh, yeah, I've been sorting through my seed stash as well. I usually buy a sizable amount of the year end seeds from my daughter's work. They discount the packs from the retail price of $2 to $3 to a season end sale of 25 cents a pack. I still have some favorites that I order from the seed catalogs but the cost is nominal to what it could be. February is the month of the beginning of seed starting. I've got some new ideas about getting a jump on the season that I'm going to try this year.

    Have a great seed ordering day.

  4. I need to get my seed stash out and check too, thanks for the reminder. I have been trying to decide what to start this year too. Maybe after I check the seeds I will not need to buy as many. I like you have limited space and my veggies all are containers anymore. My soil is so sad. LOL! Happy planning!

  5. I'm curious of your choice and fruit :)))


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