Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Warm March Afternoon


  1. GonSS, we are in for another glorious Spring day here in Nebraska. Temperatures are again promised to be middle 70s by the forecasters. It just doesn't seem possible that about 10 days ago the morning temperature was zero degrees. The frost is all but gone and the Spring thaw mud is prevalent in the garden. The soil temperature is on the rise and the strawberry raised bed is 40 degrees as of yesterday. If these temperatures keep up, the 55 degree soil temperature just might arrive next week which will be just in time for the spud planting. I have the potato seed bought and they're hanging out in the basement food storage room chitting as my British friends would say. Chitting is nothing more than producing little sprouts from the eyes of the potatoes. You just have to love the way the British say things. I've been watching a lot of British gardening shows over the Winter so their vocabulary has crept into mine.

    Have a great Kansas Spring outside day.

  2. It's a nice day here too and I'm ready to get outside and do some cleanup. Loved the birds singing on you video.

  3. We had a beautiful warm day today in Tennessee, so we were able to get quite a bit of ice storm cleanup done. Hopefully we'll soon have the yard and gardens looking better than something in a war zone.

  4. Love your video. You have such a nice voice...We have had TWO pretty days here. YEAH!!!! First pretty days we have had in awhile... Feels so good working out in the yard. Want to come and help us clean up our yard?????? What a mess --after the storms!!!!! ha



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