Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lilacs Are Ruling The Garden

The lilacs are having a perfect spring this year.  The temperatures have been good for them.  No blooms have been frozen off and they are just opening.  Today was a calm day for us and the scent was amazing as I worked in the garden.  I have one bush in the front garden and one bush in the back garden.  As is my tradition, I now have a vase of them on the kitchen table.  Love the lilacs!

The tulips are putting on a pretty good show right now too.  


  1. YOU HAVE LILACS!!!????? I am so jealous. These are one of my absolute favorite flowers. The smells and the purple make this shrub number one on my list. Enjoy them while they are bloom.

    1. Wish I could ship you some lilacs. My neighbors keep stopping to talk to me while I'm near them and they all stick their faces into the blooms!

    2. Thank you:) Those darn things last all of two weeks and maybe a couple days in a vase. They are one of the plants I miss the most from home. We have a variety here that grows at the higher elevations. I got to see some in Prescott two weekends ago and I stuck my face in those. They make great screening bushes and when in bloom, a fantastic shock and awe plant!

  2. Hello my Dear :)
    I love lilacs too! These are my beloved flowers in the garden. I invite them home just like you. Spring is beautiful with you :))) It's high time for the coming of spring. Kisses

  3. So. Incredibly. Beautiful!
    Just what my color-starved eyes needed.
    Have a beautiful day and enjoy those blooms!

  4. What lovely spring blooms! I would love to see and smell lilacs for real.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  5. GonSS, my lilacs are getting close to blooming stage but display just yet. The Tulips, Daffodils, and Crocus are in full bloom. The other spring flowers will take awhile before they become front row in the Spring flowering season. As you know Spring is my favorite season. Those big fat Robins are nest building and everything is either budding or flowering.

    Today we will be getting an April shower. I love Spring rains with a little thunder and fresh smelling rain. Ah, I've been waiting all winter for this season.

    Have a great Sunshine State day in the garden.

  6. Gorgeous... We don't have lilacs in our yard --but I do love them... We do have Tulips --and we have similar ones to yours. Aren't they gorgeous? Our Daffs are still blooming and the Pansies have awakened since the Winter Freeze....

    Have a great week.

  7. Your plants are exactly at the same point as ours. I noticed today lilacs are blooming tho I did not look at my old house so I am not sure if mine bloomed:( I will have to rectify that. I love lilacs so much. In Germany they grow with abandon and perfume the whole block. Love them! I don't think I will have them at my new house because they like sweet soil and my soil is acid but I might give it a try if I find the time. Enjoy your spring!

  8. I love lilacs, love everything about them. Can't wait to see them blooming here.

  9. You are SO far ahead of us! Makes me very "jealous"! :)


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