Thursday, April 16, 2015

Looking For One, Found Four

So, on my way home from work today, I made a quick stop at a garden center to buy one plant.

I went in looking for phlox.  

I came out with phlox, sweet william dianthus and two stonecrop sedums.

All have been planted.  Yesterday, I planted strawberries.  It's time to plant!

I also set out my containers and retrieved some of the awesome soil from the area where I make my composting holes to fill the containers.  I now have a new composting hole.

And, we got a little shower of rain which did put some water into the rain barrels.  More in the forecast.  I'm ready for a rainy weekend!!!


  1. Hello !!! :))))
    I have the same. I'm going after the one plant I go out with several in the garden center. I also collect rainwater. Kisses :)

  2. Hurray for you! New plants, a little rain with more expected too.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hooray for the start of planting (and rain!!!)

    Isn't compost just the best? I have a 3 pile set-up---one for a work in progress, one for last years compost, and one for this years pile. Works fantastic. Hubby even put a decorative fence panel as a "door" to each section---so it's "kind of" pretty . What a silly goose, but I sure do love how thoughtful that man can be!
    Have a great week in the garden.

  4. Gotta love this time of the year. Nothing better than new plants in the garden.

  5. I can never go to the garden center this time of year and JUST come out with what I went there for! You always see something so pretty! And you just have to have it! LOL! It's still a tad early but I am going ahead and planting some things -- did hang out my ferns!

  6. Looks like you did great at the Garden Center. It's hard to visit one this time of year and not buy something ---or in your case, FOUR plants.... Love it!!!

    We have been gone this week---hiking and searching for waterfalls... So much fun!!

  7. I will be looking for phlox this year also. It would be great if I could find some sweet william. Haven't had sweet william in the garden for years.

  8. Yes, it is spring, but here, we need another week or two before planting some things. I have been to a couple plant sales, though, and now am needing to keep the plants from drying out before planting them. I need to get out pretty soon and put the newest ones into the garage for the night, since we are getting down to the lower 40s.

    It does sound like our seasons are similar, though, since you are just starting to pick lettuce and asparagus as well.

  9. One plant always turns into four. Sounds like a very successful shopping trip. :o) Here's wishing you a rainy spring. :o)


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