Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blooming "Poppy In The Path"

The garden received regular rains throughout May.  Amazing what rain will do to perk up a garden.  The June tour photos will be quite lush!

My wonderful husband and I took a little time away last week to celebrate our anniversary.  I didn't even need to think about asking someone to water the garden.  Found a little wind damage when we returned from a storm that blew through, but in general the garden looked better than when we left.

I had to put in a few squash seeds as only a couple sprouted from the first planting a few weeks ago.  Too cool and cloudy I guess.  That never happens.

As I try to get back into work mode for tomorrow morning, here's a photo of 
the "Poppy in the Path."  It's blooming!!


  1. Love those "extra" flowers!

  2. Luscious! What a pop of color.
    I see I'm not the only one that doesn't have the heart to pull out a seedling--even if it's in a pathway. So happy you are getting ample rains. We had just under 6 inches in May---about double our average. It's sure great for the plants--things are so lush around here. Only downside is the mosquitoes--something we generally do not have a problem with.
    Happy Gardening! Looking forward to the June photo tour.

  3. Belated Happy Anniversary! Glad you two were able to get away.

    That poppy is sure a happy volunteer, blooming like crazy.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. I have one pretty Allegro poppy blooming here. Have 3 other plants but they look damaged, don't know what happened. Poppyies self seed and can be charming or a pest. I try to let them grow where they seed but they don't always choose the best locations.

  5. We had a lot of rain but now we are watering again.


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