Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Tour 2015

Front Garden


Back Garden


Side Garden

Vegetable Garden




  1. It's beautiful and green in your garden. I love spring! Kisses :))))

  2. Wow-things are really coming up. What is the purple flower in bloom?
    And is that iris I see in bloom as well? Lovely color!

    1. Sue,
      Hello! Most of the purple flower you see is dame's rocket. It seeds itself. I often have to pull some out. In the alley, I have a lot of purple irises blooming. Those were extras once I ran out of people to share them with and they are loving the alley.

  3. Everything is greening up nicely in your garden! You have a beautiful stand of irises along the alley way.

  4. GoSS, wow, your yards are really starting to look like gardens once again. The Spring tulips, daffodils, and crocus are done and I'm just waiting for the peonies and Iris to take over the displays. The Iris bed really needs to be rejuvenated. It's been about 10 years since I've planted them in their bed and it's starting to show some need for digging up and replanting. May is the month to decorate the poor man's living patio for the summer. So truly Winter has passed and Summer is on the way. Yea!

    Have a great day in the gardens.

  5. Your garden is beautifully organized. I'm trying to get more organization in my gardens but right now everything is so haphazard. My garden was almost overrun with dames rocket last year. We will see how effective I was at getting it under control.

    1. Those dame's rockets can get everywhere. I don't even blink any more when I pull them out. I love the color in spring so I always keep some.


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