Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Poppy in the Path

I often have poppies reseed themselves in the garden.
This year, there seems to be only one poppy plant.
And, it is in the center of the stepping stones off the patio.

A very healthy looking poppy.

Yes, I'm leaving it there.  We'll just walk around it until it is done.


  1. I love volunteers and this one is worth keeping.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  2. Yes, maybe the seed can be coaxed to the left or to the right. I use to have orange poppies and once they died out I never put any back in to my garden. I really like the red ones.

  3. They have a mind of their own when it comes to where they do well.
    I have several Rudbeckia coming up from underneath some border stones.
    They also happen to be about the healthiest ones I have. Go figure.........

  4. I'd ♥ to have a poppy - anywhere it wanted to grow!

  5. I know -- I hate to pull a "real" plant (other than weed) that grows in a crack in the patio or in the brick paths. It tries so hard you have to let it grow! I had a beautiful petunia that did that last year -- and we worked around it and it just bloomed and bloomed! Much better actually than some I had bought and planted in pots! Can't wait to see pics of it in bloom! Are you getting storms you way today?

    1. We are getting a downpour right now! So far nothing nasty. Can't believe how wet it is currently. It has halted my planting of vegetable seeds. The garden is mud. I worked on containers today and they're all out there getting watered!

  6. The plants never fail to amaze me with where they choose to grow and thrive. It does indeed look healthy.


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