Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The teepee trellises went up today and some wildflower seeds were scattered below them.  
I got them in place and the seeds scattered right before it started to rain.
April was dry.  We're getting May showers!


  1. Lucky you to get showers. No rain here in two weeks. Urgh. Old garden is okay but I have been busy watering the new garden. It really gets old. Can't wait to see the wildflowers!

  2. I really like those trellis--they add such a nice focal point to the garden.
    So glad to hear you're getting rain. We are too. We went from "dry as dust" last week to nicely saturated soil after four solid days of light rain. Perfect timing--I got the potatoes planted yesterday and will be doing onion sets today. Hooray! It's FINALLY garden time up here!!
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. May the rains make your seeds sprout and flourish.

    Enjoy your lovely gardens ~ FlowerLady

  4. Very nice! I like the construction. They look both sturdy and attractive. Glad I stopped by to see the garden today!

  5. GonSS, yup, planting time here in Nebraska too. I'm spreading out my planting to try to avoid storm destruction. Even though the last frost date is today the threat of severe storms are never ending especially in the volatile Spring season. My plan is to just plant a couple every two or three days until all 12 are planted. If a severe storm should come garden won't be a total loss like last year. Grass mulch production has increased and for the next month or so, it will be mowing every week.

    Have a great Spring planting day.

  6. We are getting lovely rains here too. They seem to make everything just pop overnight.

  7. Moving right along in your garden. We have been having sprinkles here on and off all day. We start outside to do something and have to come back in.LOL! That kind of day. I have been playing catch up here on my gardening. Got all of my annuals collected. Now to get them planted is the problem. :) Everything seems to be growing so fast this spring. Have fun planting.

  8. It won't be long until you have some things growing up those trellises... We had been dry also for a couple of weeks --but finally got some rain yesterday... We need some more...


  9. I follow your blog because I have to come up with a garden construction for beans and peas :)


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