Monday, May 11, 2015

Tucked In

There is a frost advisory for our area tonight.  

Small containers are in the garage.

The plants in the large containers are covered anyway possible.

Usually, I think I have too many extra clay pots.
Today, I think I don't have enough clay pots.

We've had nice rains and no storm damage.  
Looking to warm up after tonight.  Hoping to plant the rest of my veggies tomorrow.


  1. Your pots look so pretty! It will be nice when they can stay out.
    I'm hauling seedlings in and out daily--and I have another 3 weeks of that. They're more well travelled than a lot of people I know-LOL!

    1. Those crossfit workout people are always moving tires around. They should try lugging planted containers in and out. Ha!

  2. Oh my goodness. I hope everything survives this late frost.

    It is feeling like summer down here, with heat and humidity.

    Have a good week ~ FlowerLady

  3. I love the way you cover the plants in the big tubs. I would never have thought to use clay flowerpots. What a marvellous idea.

  4. All those pots look so pretty massed together in your garage! I might have to do the same thing tonight:(

  5. GonSS, the temps here are not freezing but just not really warm enough to put out the warm weather plants just yet. This week is starting out chilly with temps playing with upper 30s and lower 40s at night. Although tomatoes and the like won't freeze they just don't like night time temperatures that cold. Hopefully, it will warm up a bit and allow me to leave the plants outside. I agree that it's quite a workout to have to keep hauling them in and out of the house. I expect before too long we'll be complaining about how hot it is but for now I'm wishing for just a bit more warmth. :-)

    Have a great plant transporting exercise day.

  6. Wow -- it is usually safe to plant AFTER Mother's Day! It's chilly here but not freezing cold! I think I see the basil shivering in the garden, however!

  7. It may frost here tonite also. My annuals will go into the garage but I did already plant about 10 nicotina annuals. I may borrow a tip from you and see if I have enough clay pots to cover them. We have gotten some nice rains which made transplanting easy.

  8. I just trimmed off starts from my wintered over geraniums. I had more cuttings than starter trays. I need those pots please. I like clay pots because they are so great to grow in and are earthy.

  9. I have finally time to read a favorite blogs and I can catch up. I see that a lot has happened in your garden.


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