Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wheel Bug

As I sit to write this blog post, I'm realizing that I smell of dill.  LOL.  I was cutting stalks of dill that had dried in my garden and laying them in areas I'd like it to seed for next year.  Good thing I like the smell of dill.

As I was heading out the back door with a bucket of water from our bathtub today, I found this fellow on the steps.  A wheel bug!  Honestly, this is the first wheel bug I've ever seen in my garden.  I understand that they can deliver a painful bite so I didn't touch him, but I got some nice close up photos.  Eventually, he moved out of my path so I didn't have to step over him too many times.

A front came through yesterday bringing us cooler weather.  We had been up near 100 degrees Fahrenheit last week and through the weekend, but today it is only around 80 degrees.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Old Container

Here's my latest metal container find for the garden.
I've never seen a galvanized tub with vertical ribs before.  It also has some red paint remnants around the top edge on one side.  I wonder if it had a "logo" or something painted on it. 

It comes with drainage holes built in!
That is daylight along the circle in the lower left.

I will wait to plant it next spring.  For now, it is a great place to sit a start of Jacob's coat on in front of my trash can planters.

The trash cans are not full of soil.  I have some plastic pots upside down in them, but they are still heavy and do not get moved.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Purple Petunias

The purple wave petunia plant in the antique water jug is doing great.  I found the sunflower container stakes early this spring before I had any flowers planted.

We had a good rain last night which topped off the rain barrels and handled today's watering for me except for the containers under the patio like the purple petunias.

I'm starting to harvest patty pan squash and tomatoes.
The onions are almost completely harvested and I keep hoping for melons.

I scored another metal container for the garden recently.  I will share it with you soon.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015