Monday, July 27, 2015

Purple Petunias

The purple wave petunia plant in the antique water jug is doing great.  I found the sunflower container stakes early this spring before I had any flowers planted.

We had a good rain last night which topped off the rain barrels and handled today's watering for me except for the containers under the patio like the purple petunias.

I'm starting to harvest patty pan squash and tomatoes.
The onions are almost completely harvested and I keep hoping for melons.

I scored another metal container for the garden recently.  I will share it with you soon.


  1. I always see the wave petunias on sale too late in the season. You purple flowers are doing very well in that container. We are getting enough rain this year that I don't water much at all. I really like growing in containers those things that would be harder to grow in the ground. Bending down is no fun anymore.

  2. Hi GonSS!
    Can't wait to see your latest score for the garden.I'm always on the lookout for something unusual to plant in. I miss having containers this year---but don't miss the watering.
    Glad you got some rain. Please send any leftovers---we're pretty dry right now and could sure use the moisture.
    Happy gardening

  3. Those petunias are doing fantastic for you.

    Looking forward to seeing your new container.


  4. GoSS, it's always a good day to see a post from the Gardener on Sherlock Street. You have such creative ideas for garden containers. I'll be interested to see your latest find for a garden container. The harvesting has begun here as well. Tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, and bell peppers are in abundance.

    Have a great day in the garden.

  5. It reminds me of the metal containers used on farms to carry grain to the livestock. I have seen them setting filled with ear corn holding it to feed cows when they were to be milked. I had forgotten about them until I saw yours. It is an ancient farm piece.

  6. Hi, Thanks for following along on my blog last night. I left comments months ago but did not hear back from you; hope I did not offend in any way. I love your garden containers; interesting to read my good friend, L.D.'s comments above.

  7. Your containers for flowers are great :)


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