Thursday, August 27, 2015

Small Melons

My melon harvest will be small this year.  Both in number of fruit and size of fruit.
This photo shows a melon called 'tigger' on top and a hales best jumbo on the bottom of the photo. 

The 'tigger' should be white inside.  The hales best jumbo is a classic cantaloupe.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Big Siphon

When our city had to create tighter watering restrictions on outdoor water use a couple of years ago, I started capturing my shower water in the bathtub to use in the garden.  Even though the drought has subsided and we have returned to our normal conservation limits on outdoor watering, I've kept the habit of saving my shower water for the garden.  I was bailing the water out of the tub with a small plastic bucket into a larger plastic bucket to then carry out it of the house.  I didn't mind the little workout it gave me each day or the time it took to do, but I feared dropping the bucket or something and having a big wet mess.  Recently, I managed to bump the bucket while going down the stairs and had a large splash of water luckily land only on the linoleum at the bottom of the stairs instead of on the carpet.  My wonderful husband has often said we just need a way to hook a hose up to the tub and run it outside.  Well, on Sunday, we made it happen.  We bought half inch vinyl tubing to be the hose.  It is light weight and flexible.
Here's one end of the tubing being held down next to the tub drain with a laundry detergent bottle rescued from the recycling bin and we filled with water.

The tubing runs down the stairs...

...and outside to my "bucket filling station."  While the tubing will reach several of my containers, I still have to carry it in a bucket to the vegetable garden and other plants.

To start the siphoning process, I simply put the outside end of the tubing into my mouth and draw on it like a straw.  It doesn't take much to get the water started.  

When all of the water is out of the tub, I dry off the end of tube that was in the tub, coil up the tubing and store it for the next run.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Picking A Rainbow

Enjoying the variety of colors in today's vegetable harvest.
Orange Carrots
Purple Kohlrabi
Red Tomatoes
White Patty Pan Squash

Friday, August 14, 2015

Busy Bees, Busy Gardener

Keeping busy at Garden on Sherlock Street.  A little harvesting of veggies each day.  I'm also trying to plant a few things for a fall garden this year.  The carrots are up nice.  Hoping to put in some radishes and lettuce soon.  I have a few containers that just have given it up for the year.  Seems impatiens did not like something about our weather this summer.  I may just pull out the dying flowers and plant lettuce in those containers.

Started thinking about getting bulbs soon.  I have some areas that I noted were lacking in flowers last spring and I'm checking out options for bulbs to put in those places.

School is back in session in our town.  Seems crazy early to me, but there is so much to schedule in a school year that they need those early days to get it all in I guess.

We are getting a good variety of birds to the garden this year.  I don't know what most of them are, but the grape jelly for the orioles has been a hit with more than just the orioles.  I've started stocking up on grape jelly when it goes on sale to keep all the birds coming.

Be well my friend and enjoy the garden!

Friday, August 7, 2015

It's Hot

Dog days of summer for sure at Garden on Sherlock Street.
It's hot.  We have had some rains which is why the scene in my first photo is possible.  I spend most of my garden time filling buckets from the rain barrels to water the vegetable garden and the containers.

Picking tomatoes and patty pan squash.  Oddly, I have no zucchini.  The plants look good, but they haven't made any thing yet.  Watching some cantaloupe grow and hoping the peppers pick up the pace soon.

The below plant combination has become my favorite this year.  A purple leafed sweet potato vine with some hot pink vincas.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015