Friday, August 14, 2015

Busy Bees, Busy Gardener

Keeping busy at Garden on Sherlock Street.  A little harvesting of veggies each day.  I'm also trying to plant a few things for a fall garden this year.  The carrots are up nice.  Hoping to put in some radishes and lettuce soon.  I have a few containers that just have given it up for the year.  Seems impatiens did not like something about our weather this summer.  I may just pull out the dying flowers and plant lettuce in those containers.

Started thinking about getting bulbs soon.  I have some areas that I noted were lacking in flowers last spring and I'm checking out options for bulbs to put in those places.

School is back in session in our town.  Seems crazy early to me, but there is so much to schedule in a school year that they need those early days to get it all in I guess.

We are getting a good variety of birds to the garden this year.  I don't know what most of them are, but the grape jelly for the orioles has been a hit with more than just the orioles.  I've started stocking up on grape jelly when it goes on sale to keep all the birds coming.

Be well my friend and enjoy the garden!


  1. It is a very busy time of year. Glad to hear you are planting for fall. I wish we could do that!
    Have fun in the garden

  2. It is a busy time of year, and it sounds as though you have been much more ambitious than I have. The heat and humidity the past few weeks have me inside more than I would like. But fall is just around the corner--thanks for the reminder that I need to start ordering bulbs!


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