Sunday, August 16, 2015

Picking A Rainbow

Enjoying the variety of colors in today's vegetable harvest.
Orange Carrots
Purple Kohlrabi
Red Tomatoes
White Patty Pan Squash


  1. Oh, look at all those tomatoes. And I've had ONE itty bitty one. I guess I'll have to steal some of your warm weather!!
    How do you prepare your patty pan? I just LOVE the looks of those. I tried growing them last year---they put out plenty of blossums, but none formed.

    1. For super simple, I just dice the patty pan and microwave it with a little seasoning salt. We also like it grilled. Cut it into "slices," coat with olive oil and maybe some seasoning grilling until it's hot with some marks. Makes it taste a bit nutty. It works well in most recipes that say to use yellow squash too. I think they're cute. Your blooms but no fruit plant sounds like my zucchini this year. Not one fruit.

  2. What a pretty harvest! I'm sure it all tastes great too.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Nothing like fresh veggies from your own garden--yum!

  4. I have never seen the white squash before! I was going to ask how you eat it and see your explanation above in a reply! NOTHING is as satisfying as home-grown veggies :)

  5. Beautiful harvest. I only planted tomatoes this year. Nothing tastes better than home grown tomatoes.


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