Thursday, August 27, 2015

Small Melons

My melon harvest will be small this year.  Both in number of fruit and size of fruit.
This photo shows a melon called 'tigger' on top and a hales best jumbo on the bottom of the photo. 

The 'tigger' should be white inside.  The hales best jumbo is a classic cantaloupe.


  1. I've never heard of either of them! I hope they have incredible flavor to compensate for the small size & less than normal crop ♥

  2. Well, I think they look great--small or not. At least yours formed. I had so many blossums.......and they were covered with bees, but no melons formed at all. To the Farmer's Market I go...................

  3. GonSS, ha, no squash or melons here. The deer were prolific this year and ate every melon and squash bud off the plants as well as much of the foliage. The strawberries were a bust as well because of deer snacking. I'm 18 feet away from having the garden area completely enclosed with a six foot wooden fence. Next year should be deer free but then there is the raccoon and groundhogs to content with. One step closer to a wild animal free garden. This year was a prolific year for weeds with all the way above average rainfall. It's been an uphill battle all the way but I'm finally making some head way.

    Have a great melon/squash harvest day.

  4. Hales Best is the absolute best cantaloupe in my humble opinion. It's the only one we grow now and it is amazingly delicious. We've had a bumper crop of them, but they all came in at once, overwhelming us. We've been enjoying them but now they're starting to fade away. Next year I'm going to do succession plantings so we don't get swamped in melons again.

  5. I've never herd of a Tigger melon before, either! I hope it's tasty. It's definitely cute.


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