Monday, November 23, 2015

Carrots and Blooms

I can't believe it is the week of Thanksgiving and I'm harvesting carrots!  I've read about having carrots in the fall and being able to even winter them in the ground for a while, but have never managed to actually try a fall carrot crop.  Very happy with my harvest.  They are so sweet.  I still have more in the ground and am going to see how long I can keep them in the garden under some straw with the colder weather coming.  I may lose some, but want to test it.

We also still have flowers on the patio.  The sweet potato vines went with our cold weekend, but most everything else is still there.

This container of snap dragons is really doing well.

I was so happy to get blooms on my milkweed plant this summer.
This is the last pod sending out seeds.  

A big weather system is suppose to cross the plains this week.  Our Thanksgiving could be a bit wintry.  Hoping our travels aren't impacted as we have family to see and yummy food to eat.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope all is well for you.


  1. Nice to see you still have some pretty blooms to enjoy.

    May you have safe travels to and from your holiday destination and a GREAT time.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Congratulations on your carrots! All of our annuals got frosted so alas, no more blooms -- sigh! I always hate that.

  3. A friend of mine in Kansas had iris blooming in mid-November, so why NOT a carrot crop? :)
    Sure hoping your Thanksgiving plans aren't altered by the weather! (We certainly had our share of snow over the weekend. What a beautiful sight.

  4. So so so envious of your freshly picked carrots---my, that would be a wonderful treat right now. You have a much milder zone, so I think even overwintering under a thick layer of straw might be doable. We've already had a good snow, and our ground freezes to a level of 4 to 5 feet every winter---no hope of overwintering here.
    Also loved the beautiful snapdragon blooms. Always loved them---never grow them. Why?
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. The carrots are so nice. We love them raw as a snack. Also, I often bake them along with potatoes and onions to serve with roast beef. Hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving day.

  5. I had sweet peas peaking out of the snow. Some plants are really though. Enjoy your carrots.

  6. These carrots are beautiful and shapely. Congratulations :)

    I've heard that carrots can stay in ground till -5 degrees of Celse. You can also to cover them by straw. In this case they should stay during bigger frosts. My husband's grandfather made ground mounds with some vegetables inside. It let them stay to spring. Generally succeeded.

  7. Great job on those carrots! Fresh produce from the garden is awesome for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. What fun to have carrots to pick this time of year! The ones I planted for fall did not come up. I think they may have dried up. I do have some from summer I didn't get pulled. I think they are small ones, but should get over there with a shovel. The stems of the few I've tried to pull broke off. I do have some snap dragons that are still blooming, at least they were before the freezing rain and little bit of snow we had. I hope you get new milkweed plants from some of those seeds.

    We had rain that turned into icy rain when we were at my mom's on Thanksgiving. It started turning into an icy rain by late afternoon. My husband went out and scraped the cars before we all left. We made it home without sliding, but shortly after that, there were some accidents near a bridge that we had gone over on our way home. We are having colder temps this week. It looks like winter is here.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. I have carrot envy. After numerous failed attempts, I don't even try anymore. Those look great!

    1. I kind of leave them to their own devices. I used to try to thin them and didn't feel good about which ones I was pulling. Now I just make sure the soil is "fluffy." As a kid, I always wanted carrots but we had bugs get them so bad that my mom never wanted to plant them. I'm making up on lost carrots.


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