Friday, December 4, 2015

December Tour 2015

Front Garden


Back Garden

Side Garden

Vegetable Garden




  1. What a difference time makes in our gardens. Yours look very much asleep for the winter. Something for you to dream about and plan for next year.

    Happy Christmas Holidays ~ FlowerLady

  2. It looks like a fine....................MARCH day!!
    We are in the 50's today (!!!) Certainly doesn't look Christmas-y up here either. Ah well, I guess we have to enjoy the nice weather.
    (But I still want my snow!)
    Happy December!

  3. It looks very "December-ish"!
    (I haven't ventured into our back yard for several weeks now.....I should take the plunge!)

    1. Good Morning, I have a new gmail and blog...if you click on my comment, it will take you to the blog. I would love for you to follow. We have just brought all the garden decorations, etc. in for the winter. We will spend the next few months daydreaming of spring!!!

  4. GonSS, I'm still working the structure of the garden. Mulching new pathways and building new raised beds while the ground is still relatively unfrozen has been the tasks of this late fall weather. The temps are in the 50s here for the next week and night time temps in the 20s. We had our first snow but it has melted off with the warm day time temperatures. The first seed catalogs have started arriving so the planning stage for next year is in my thoughts. Each year more garden control over weeds and produce expansion happens. Next year will be the first year of gardening with the deer fence finished. Yea! Those rascals won't be getting into my sweet corn or strawberries any more. Next week is another week of warm temps so I'll out in the garden building as many raised beds as I can. I hope to get two more done before I have to quit for the year.

    Have a great late fall garden day.

  5. It looks cold and chilly there! Cold here too!

  6. I hope your weather will not be real severe. I know you will be prepared. Take care and I wish you guys a Merry Christmas.

  7. I love when your garden looks so clean like this. I think it's a great space for you to reinvent the garden each year and it allows you to place with open spaces.


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