Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Now Where Is That Snow Shovel...

We are finally getting a real snow!
It has added up more since I took this photo.  I heard four inches predicted for us.  Last winter, we only had to shovel snow once.  So far this winter, we haven't shoveled snow at all.  Maybe tomorrow morning.  Guess I'd better find the snow shovel.


  1. Snow means moisture for your gardens right? It looks pretty from here. :-)


    1. Yes. And, this is a wet snow sticking where it falls. Even better.

  2. You might need that shovel! We had snow flurries and sleet here in north GA this afternoon. Thankfully no accumulation. Stay safe.

  3. We're getting ice with some snow on top. Not good at all -- I'd take LOTS of snow over a little ice!

  4. Oh, that's beautiful! No matter how much snow we get, I am always amazed by the beauty of it.
    Happy shoveling!

  5. Yup, find it fast. We have a bit of snow here too and more expected. Snow shovels are hot items right now.

  6. GonSS, We are just finishing cleaning up after the fourth snow of the season. I think that would make about 15 inches of snow so far this year but there's only about five still on the ground. Today was a sloppy melting day. I did shovel the sidewalks at 35th street corner which is one of my garden properties and made a visit to Terra Nova Gardens just to see what's happening there. Actually, I wanted to check out the animal tracks to see if any were inside the completed wooden fence. I saw tracks that were deer and what I believe to be raccoon tracks that were all around the perimeter of the back fence but found none inside the garden fence. I'm thinking I might have a chance for some sweet corn and watermelons this year. Yea!!

    Have a great snow shoveling day.

  7. Snow is SO pretty --but a lot of work to clean up... We had 2 inches here on Wed. and are getting more today/tomorrow....

    Be safe.

  8. We found the snow shovel which is good because we got about 4 1/2 inches. It is a wet heavy snow too. Good for packing to make snowmen. Since we've stayed below freezing, only a little has melted. Suppose to warm up tomorrow. This is great moisture for the garden.

  9. Hello!
    I wait for spring :) Kisses

  10. Ah, wet snow is such a great gift to a garden, especially in Kansas! It's so pretty, too. Sounds like you had a perfect winter garden experience there....

  11. We just got three feet! I hope you do get more snow so your garden can enjoy the moisture. :o)

  12. It looks like magic place under snow :). Snow makes your garden look larger.


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