Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Warm January Afternoon

Our winter has had very little snow and more warm days than cold days.
We have received some rain which is good.

Today was very warm.  I rounded up my pruning tools and sharpening stone.  There will be tree pruning in the near future.

The main thing I do in the garden this time of year is fill the bird feeders.

This old feeder is hanging together; but every time I open it, I wonder if it will just fall apart.  I can see the seams separating and the hanging cord is getting rough.  It is kind of a pain to slide the whole roof up the cord to fill the feeder.  I've decided that when it falls apart, it will get tossed instead of repaired.

This feeder is very easy to fill.  It has a hinged roof.  I just flip one side up and pour in the seeds.  It is made of recycled plastic bottles and is holding up very well.

I like the recycled plastic feeder so much that when I found a slightly smaller one of the same design, I picked it up.  For right now, we have 3 bird feeders.

The carrots continue to be fine in the garden under the straw.  We have had a mild winter, but I'm encouraged.  Next fall, I will plant a lot of carrots.

Hope the new year is treating you well.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Good news that you received rain. We have a few plants to prune in the month of February. I know the birds appreciate you filling the feeders. Your carrots are looking so tasty!

  2. The main thing I look for in a bird feeder is easy to fill -- that trumps looks any day! LOL! I like your plastic ones.

  3. I like the look of the wooden feeders, but really--how easy it is to use is the main thing.
    Hubby's job is to fill and maintain the feeders and this time of year--it's a full time job. We have huge flocks of Pine Siskins and once he heads out, they come in in droves.
    That also signals the Juncos to come as well, as they like to catch the overflow onto the ground.
    Have a good week and hope you get more moisture.
    Did you see California, in ONE MONTH, went from a huge deficit on rain to well over the usual amount?


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