Friday, March 25, 2016

A Row of Hyacinths

As I planted onion sets today in the garden, I enjoyed the scent of the hyacinths.  After enjoying hyacinths forced to bloom in the house during the winter, I put the bulbs along the edge of the vegetable garden.  So far, I've had good luck with the bulbs settling into the garden after being forced inside.  The past few years, I've had purple hyacinths.  They are really looking good back behind the cages where this year's tomatoes will be planted.  You can see three with no blooms.  Those were this year's forced bulbs.  The were pink.  After the flowers faded, I cut off the stems and put them out here.  It's nice to have a little color in the raised vegetable beds during spring planting.

Have a blessed Easter!


  1. I've always thrown mine away -- I was told that the forcing takes "all" out of them . . . but I will try that next year for I love to force hyacinths! And I love the aroma of them!

  2. What a treat to enjoy the beauty and scents of your hyacinth blooms while working in your garden.

    Happy Spring and Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hi, I love Hyacinths and we have several different plants and colors in our yard... AND--on our trip to Biltmore last week, I saw some of the most gorgeous purple hyacinths I have ever seen... Beautiful.


  4. Hope you have enjoyed a blessed Easter weekend. Thanks for sharing the hyacinth blooms. I have posted a couple of updates on my blog. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  5. Hello!
    Hiacynty są piękne. Ja mogę podziwiać je na zdjęciach bo mam alergię na zapachy i one mnie uczulają. Buziaki :)

  6. Sorry, I forgot to translate: D

    Hello :D
    Hyacinths are beautiful. I can admire them in the pictures because I'm allergic to smells and they sensitize me. Kisses :)

  7. So pretty! I wish I could grow them indoors, but my hyacinth bulbs did nothing this winter. I'm going to stick to growing them outside:)


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