Monday, March 21, 2016

Cages up!

Spring came back to Garden on Sherlock Street today.  We had some winter late last week with snow even.  May get some rain or snow later this week too.  March is fickle.

I put some seeds in the ground today.  Lettuce, radishes, peas and kohlrabi.  I like to set my cages up to help decide where to plant everything.  I may need to move them a bit when I put in tomato plants and such.  I don't till my garden.  I try to keep straw on it some through winter buy laying the cages down to hold the straw when it is windy.  This past winter, my cage placement worked very well.  I just move the straw and work what I need by hand before putting in seeds or plants.  The cold frames probably get the most digging as that is where I put the lettuce and other spring crops with small seeds.  What you're seeing in the photo are the cages in place, the closest cold frame planted and the green sprouts of garlic and winter onions.

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  1. We garden the same way. I never till or disturb the soil--just slightly move the mulch aside and plant. I like to think the worms appreciate that as well--not wrecking their tunnels .
    I'm so excited for you---it's so great to get things planted. Happy Happy Spring!!
    (We're supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow Wednesday. Bummer)

  2. So good to see the start of your growing season.

    We are having 'chilly' weather down here, no doubt our last, but I am enjoying it.

    Happy Spring, Happy Easter & Happy Gardening,

  3. Hello!
    Cool idea! I like it very much. I see something green :)
    Kisses :)

  4. Hi, We had some winter also ---on the FIRST day of Spring no-less.... ha ha ... Snowed a lot but too warm to stick... Then we had a little freeze --but luckily, no damage.... Hope Mr. Winter SOON leaves us for good this year...


  5. Happy Spring and Easter blessings to you! I love your new Corydalis...such pretty blooms! This is a favorite time of year. My daylilies (greenery) are popping thru the ground cover. Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter weekend.


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