Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Flowery Knee Pads

Garden cleanup has begun!

I dug out my knee pads and worked through a few garden beds today.  Weeds and volunteer annual flowers were removed and trash was gathered.  
There is a lot to do still, but it felt good to be up close to the sprouts in the garden.

My knee pads are still in pretty good shape, but the elastic is stretching out.  I can barely get enough Velcro in the back to come together to keep them on.  I have some kneeling pads too, but wearing knee pads means there is one less thing I have to carry around while I'm working in the garden.

I was hoping to take my garden tour photos today for March, but it really clouded up while I was working and sprinkled for about 8 seconds.  Looked kind of dreary.  I'll get you some new photos soon.


  1. I mean.....I love these things but I wouldn't be caught dead in public with them on:) Time to get things spruced up!

  2. Those are pretty! I'm afraid I can't use something like them because I cannot get on my knees anymore. I have to sit on a stool. :-)

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  3. GonSS, I should really consider getting a pair of knee pads. Try as I might, not all the gardening can be done while standing up. I will be working on preparation of some garden beds today as well. It will be the first day of actually digging in the dirt. It will be good to smell the earth again. It's been a long Winter. Be well my Kansas garden blogger friend.

    Have a great day eradicating weeds.

  4. Hi, I love gardening --but cannot (after 2 knee surgeries) stay on my knees for any length of time (with or without pads).. I do all of my work bending over... That hurts my back... Oh Well--I still love gardening... ha



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