Friday, April 8, 2016

A Row Of Color

Hello friends!  I end this week with this row of tulips that just multiply each year.  I have tulips in other areas, but this planting has such a concentration of blooms I stop and stare.  
The garden is growing.  Each day I see more plants waking up.  I have more seeds in the vegetable beds, pansies in a container on the front porch and the rain barrels set up.  Rain is scarce right now.  Wind is abundant.  That's a scary combination.  Wildfires in the Sunflower State have made national headlines.  We pray for rain everyday.  We have our normal watering conservation in effect still so I am running my soaker hoses to help the garden survive.  I also continue to use the water I collect in the bathtub.  Every bit helps.  
We could still get a freeze so I am refraining from putting out anything cold sensitive, but I have plans!!!!
Take care and have a good weekend.


  1. I know you are anxious to get on with your planting. Your tulips are so colorful. Wishing you guys a great weekend.

  2. Oh, those tulips are just stunning. That would make me stop and stare all the time!
    Hope you get some good consistent rains and soon!

  3. Your tulips are so pretty and happy looking. I pray you will get some rain soon and that no fires come your way.

    Keep making your plans and have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Your tulips are looking great. I don't have buds yet but we seem to be in a deep freeze right now.

  5. Beautiful... We love tulips and have quite a few in the yard. BUT--they are the hardest thing for us to keep. Both squirrels and especially chipmunks dig up the bulbs thinking they are NUT or acorns.... We have lost so many during the years ---so we've decided not to plant them anymore. BUT--we still have a nice selection but nothing like you have... LOVE them.

  6. GonSS, yes, it's dry and windy here in Nebraska as well. How dry is it? It's so dry that even the weeds are having a difficult time growing. It's looks like another year of watering the gardens. I'm a bit behind with my planting this year. By now the potatoes should be planted as well as the onions, radishes, and lettuce. Friday not a hard freeze came visiting so all my tomatoes in buckets were brought inside. It's been an unusual year with mild weather in March and unruly weather in April. It's like the two months decided to switch. My tulips, daffodils, crocus, and hyacinths are all in bloom right now. The dandelions are just starting to pop their yellow blooms and the flowering trees are gorgeous all through the neighborhood. Spring is my favorite season.

    Have a great colorful Spring day.

  7. Love that color!! Thought of you yesterday as I spent the afternoon in the garden. .and saw those friendship plants growing!!

  8. My Grandmother had to was dishes in a pan, they had no running water. When she finished the dishes she would pour the water on her flowers or her worms. She had the pretties garden in her neighbor hood. They rented boats and sold worms to fisherman. I have heard people about my age talk about the good ole days. I really don't know what they are talking about. Give me push buttons and facets for hot and cold.


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