Monday, April 11, 2016

Carrot Cultivation

Today, carrot seeds were put in the ground.  I did not fill this cold frame as I plan to add some seeds every few weeks so that we can then have carrots mature every few weeks.  I just planted about half of the left side.  My wonderful husband loves carrots.  I'm trying to master the art of carrot cultivation.  This is where I do cultivate the soil well.  I dig really deep trying to make sure the soil is loose for those carrots to grow.

We are suppose to have a freeze tonight.  I don't have anything tender placed outside yet.  Our springs are just too up and down to get ahead of our last frost date average.  
We had a slim to none chance of rain this morning.  It ended up being none.

Have  a good week!


  1. John loves carrots, too. He eats carrot sticks raw as a snack. We also love them baked in the crockpot along with cabbage.

  2. I have remembered You have kept carrot in the soil early winter. How about it? How long was it eatable?

    1. Yes. They were good all winter. Had our last ones in late February.

  3. Sorry you didn't get your rain!
    I love carrots and hubby ADORES carrots, so there's gonna be a whole lotta carrots being planted up here as well--IF it EVER quits snowing!!!

  4. Looking forward to seeing your carrots sprouting and growing. You are a good gardener and will have much to enjoy soon.

    Have a good week ~ FlowerLady

  5. GonSS, yes, the weather hasn't settled into Spring planting just yet. I'm a little behind in planting but that seems to be ok for this year. I'm transplanting onion starts today and will start my tomatoes and green peppers. I'm about two weeks behind but the temps are still down in the 30s at night so it might be a good six weeks before I can plant them outside anyway. It's very dry here and we need a good soaking rain before any thing will start growing. I like to plant right before a good Spring rain so that the seeds or plants get a good soak. This year is shaping up to the total opposite of last year. By this time last year my 400 gallon water tank and two 55 gallon overflow tanks were full of rainwater. This year the 400 gallon tank is barely half full. Not a good way to start the gardening year.

    Have a great carrot cultivation day.


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