Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rain Continues

Another photo of rain!  Since Saturday morning, we've received over 4 inches at Garden on Sherlock Street.  Amazing.  Some places in our county are actually under a flood warning for low lying areas.  We're not used to having this much water.  More rain is in the forecast.  While there have been some downpours, most has been a slower soaking rain.  Just what we need.

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  1. Just what you guys need; I am so happy for you.

  2. I hope you had plenty of water tanks set up!

    1. The 3 barrels are full! We do not have the cube set up yet. :-( Bummer. I finally got it cleaned out Thursday and we need to rearrange some things to set it up. So, missed opportunity. Hoping to get it set up late next week. So happy about the rain!

  3. So glad you are finally getting some rain. We need some here now. We are not nearly as dry as you have been --but we are quite dry. I had to water the potted plants today. Then there is Houston where my son is.. They had 17 inches of rain last night in some areas. GADS.


  4. Our rain has slaked off now, we have had to water some. We will have to replace some soaker hoses again.


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