Sunday, May 8, 2016

Walking Onions

My father gave me some seeds from his walking onions late last summer.  They are doing very well.  I now know that I should have planted them where they would have more space.  Oh well.  I'll move them to a better spot later this year.  This link has a lot of info on walking onions.


  1. I love walking onions! There are some in my garden!

  2. And I don't "understand" walking onions. Do they form bulbs like regular onions or are they more like green onions??

    1. All parts are edible. You can use the leaves like green onions and little seeds to add flavor. You can also dig up the bulb and eat it as an onion (it will be smallish). If you don't dig up the bulb, it's suppose to grow again the next year. I'm planning to plant the seeds in a new spot and dig up a few of the bulbs, but leave a few bulbs too and figure out what I want from them most.


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