Monday, June 6, 2016

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mystery Solved on Memorial Day

Hello!  I have been away from Garden on Sherlock Street for a bit.
With all the rain we received in May, I didn't even have to think about asking anyone to water for me.
The vegetable garden is doing well and the flowers are just putting on a show.

A while back, I discovered a plant that I did not put in.  My first thought was a poppy, but it had very ruffled leaves.  I let it be and waited.

Then, last week, flower buds started forming.  I was sure it was a poppy, but one much larger than I've ever had in the garden.

Fittingly, on Memorial Day, it bloomed.

A beautiful poppy.  I'm guessing a bird gifted my garden with it.

I hope to get the June tour photos ready soon.  Be well and I'll see you in the garden.