Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mystery Solved on Memorial Day

Hello!  I have been away from Garden on Sherlock Street for a bit.
With all the rain we received in May, I didn't even have to think about asking anyone to water for me.
The vegetable garden is doing well and the flowers are just putting on a show.

A while back, I discovered a plant that I did not put in.  My first thought was a poppy, but it had very ruffled leaves.  I let it be and waited.

Then, last week, flower buds started forming.  I was sure it was a poppy, but one much larger than I've ever had in the garden.

Fittingly, on Memorial Day, it bloomed.

A beautiful poppy.  I'm guessing a bird gifted my garden with it.

I hope to get the June tour photos ready soon.  Be well and I'll see you in the garden.


  1. When I first saw those leaves--I thought oh my-one of my purple poppies somehow spread over your way-haha. I've found them everywhere since I first sowed them.
    Enjoy your free gift---you're right, some bird probably gifted that to you.

    1. I was hoping it was one of your purple poppies. You sent me seeds and I had them going for a year or so and then it got so dry that they didn't return. I thought maybe this was one, but then it got sooooo tall.

    2. YAY!! I love that!! Lucky you!

  2. What a beautiful 'volunteer' plant!

    Have a nice Sunday and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. I love those garden gifts. Some stay while others are just acquaintances and there only there for one season! Beautiful poppy!

  4. This is a beautiful poppy. You did a fantastic photo.
    Kisses :)

  5. Always enjoy stopping in to see your gardens, and this poppy is fantastic. Lucky you! Send those birds up my way girlfriend! Poppies will spread also, so you'll be blessed with many more in the future.

  6. What a beautiful gift from the unknown! So glad you held back from weeding it out to see what it was.


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