Friday, July 29, 2016

Late July Lettuce

I cannot believe I harvested lettuce. this morning.  I was thrilled that I got some Independence Day Weekend.  Then, I actually quit watering the lettuce because I thought it was starting to bolt and we got a lot hotter temperatures; but rains came, and while it slowed, it still grew.  Usually, I'm lucky if it even hangs on to bloom for the pollinators and maybe make seed this late in the summer.  This morning, I could not deny that there was enough lettuce for us to have a good sized salad again.  Just amazed!  Love fresh lettuce from the garden.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wind, Robins and Rain

This is Baby Robin.  He lives in our hawthorn tree.  The nest is right at eye level next to our vegetable beds.  When no parents were around, I peeked inside.  There were three eggs.  Only one hatched/survived.  He is getting quite big and was out on the branch being fed today.  It's been fun to watch him grow.  Earlier this month, we had a crazy wind storm.  Officially, 83 mile per hour winds blew through our area.  Many trees were damaged in town.  Power was out for many as lines were down with the trees.  Amazingly, we only lost a few small branches.  All my plants looked roughed up; but the way our house and fence set, most of the garden was protected including the hawthorn tree with the robin nest.  I was worried about it, but when I checked the tree after work that day, one of the parents was sitting on the nest and all the eggs were there when I got a chance to check for them.  The wind storm brought a lot of rain too.  I've never been in a hurricane, but it looked like the footage on TV when they have a person showing how hard it is to stand as a hurricane comes to shore.  We have continued to have regular rains.  The heat dome that is affecting so much of the country included us a bit last week, but a front came through and brought cooler weather yesterday.  I was just getting to the bottom of my rain barrels when they were filled up again.  Amazing how much time I have in a day when I don't have to haul water.  Plugging along with the vegetable garden, but some things got such a late start that we may miss out on some of the squash we are used to having.  Getting tomatoes now.  Our green onions were great this spring, but now that I have full onions, something is eating them.  Odd.  Hope all is well in your garden.   Will try to have a new tour next week.  Can't believe it is almost August.  Be well!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What A Wet June Will Do

Hello from Garden on Sherlock Street!  The month of June just got away from me on blogging.  I'm still here gardening like crazy along with many other things in our busy lives.  

It is summer now.  Hot weather for us, but still rain.  It's amazing.  We are officially not in a drought at any level.  That hasn't happened in years.  My rain barrels are staying filled for all my watering needs right now.  We're still in such a habit of saving water though that I continue to drain the tub water on different shrubs or trees.  

Some of my vegetable are a bit behind on production because we stayed cool much later into the year.  I did see tomatoes turning red while out in the garden today and the other plants are starting to really grow now.  The best treat is that my lettuce is still producing.  It usually gives up by Independence Day.

The spring annuals are all making seed and my containers are filling in.  Everyone's gardens are doing well.  Friends continue to share plants with me so I'm searching out spaces to put the new arrivals.

Hope all is well in your garden.  The July tour is one post back.  There is a lot more green in it than past Julys on this blog.

Take care.

Sunday, July 3, 2016