Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What A Wet June Will Do

Hello from Garden on Sherlock Street!  The month of June just got away from me on blogging.  I'm still here gardening like crazy along with many other things in our busy lives.  

It is summer now.  Hot weather for us, but still rain.  It's amazing.  We are officially not in a drought at any level.  That hasn't happened in years.  My rain barrels are staying filled for all my watering needs right now.  We're still in such a habit of saving water though that I continue to drain the tub water on different shrubs or trees.  

Some of my vegetable are a bit behind on production because we stayed cool much later into the year.  I did see tomatoes turning red while out in the garden today and the other plants are starting to really grow now.  The best treat is that my lettuce is still producing.  It usually gives up by Independence Day.

The spring annuals are all making seed and my containers are filling in.  Everyone's gardens are doing well.  Friends continue to share plants with me so I'm searching out spaces to put the new arrivals.

Hope all is well in your garden.  The July tour is one post back.  There is a lot more green in it than past Julys on this blog.

Take care.


  1. I am glad that your plants grow vigorously. Bravo !!

  2. Glad to hear you are still getting rains. I think we've taken your place for drought-iness!
    Sweet photo above-the bird head made me smile.
    Happy July!

  3. I'm so glad you are out of your drought. It's pretty dry down here in s.e. FL. Rain is predicted but doesn't happen.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. It's been a wet and hot June here, too. I'm not so fond of the heat, but it's been great weather for the gardens!

  5. Yay for summer! Glad you still have lettuce. I miss it already. Ours is long gone. And over the last week the harlequin bugs finished off our kale and collards. But we're bursting with hot weather veggies, so I shouldn't complain. If only I could convince the weeds to stay away.

  6. We just got a heck of a rain storm. .Hard and heavy!!! We are beautiful and green down here still too. I love that! It has made gardening so much easier this summer! And has been a great way to start all those clearanced out plants I put in after June 1 :-)

  7. This year has been so awesome for rain! So glad you have it too and are enjoying it all!

  8. You are so lucky! The rain here has been hit or miss. I am glad that you are out of the drought zone. I will say that my garden is looking pretty good. I haven't had to do much watering at all which has been good. I've gotten to the point now that if it has to be watered by me, it doesn't belong in the landscape:) I have embraced xeroscaping! Just took me awhile to get there. Look forward to catching up on your garden tour! Hope you are well.

  9. Glad you are getting some good rain this summer... We are NOT. I'm not sure we are in a drought --but any rain that seems to come toward us always seems to MISS us.. We have been watering our yard/flowers... Even today --there was rain near us. BUT--other than a few sprinkles, we just can't seem to get any... Bahhhhhh.


  10. I am proud you are having a lot of rain, so are we.


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