Monday, October 17, 2016

Flowers I Didn't Plant

As I began gathering the flower containers on the back patio earlier this month so they can be a little protected from frost, I spotted some rose moss growing in the the limestone walkway in the front garden.  Now, it is blooming!  I put a couple of aloe vera containers by it to keep it from being walked on.  A late bloomer, but a welcome one.

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  1. Volunteers are always such wonderful surprises. Glad this one is giving you blooms to enjoy before cold weather happens.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. I adore "surprises" in the garden. Nature has a fine sense of humor dropping gifts in odd places. We once had a sunflower grow out of a tree stump. Given the tough place it chose to sprout, it only got 6 inches tall, but had the tiniest sunflower blossom on it.
    Hope you're having a fine October!

  3. How interesting... Sometimes, those surprises are a welcome change!!!!

    How's Fall so far in your area? We are extremely hot and dry ---so it doesn't feel much like Fall YET... They say that cooler temperatures WILL come --hopefully soon.


  4. That's so perfect! Very neat!


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