Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Record Breaking Autumn Temps

We are having the warmest autumn.
While there was a little frost around our area a few weeks back, it didn't affect Garden on Sherlock Street.
We're breaking records for high temperatures.  For instance, on Halloween, we reached 92 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yikes!  It was very nice for the trick-or-treaters that night.
I've cleaned up a lot of the vegetable garden, but still have tomatoes and peppers.

Tour photos coming soon!


  1. What an unusual autumn. I love your pumpkins on the sidebar.

  2. 92 on Halloween - yikes! That IS hot. You're even hotter than we are here in the panhandle. We've been averaging in the low 80's during the day and mid 60's at night. Still having to run the A/C at times to remove the humidity.

    Reading your post, I especially miss tomatoes. They just don't grow well here, and what few we get are rather mealy. On the other hand, I have blueberries planted and am hoping for a basic harvest next summer.

    Hope you get some real autumn to enjoy! Cynthia

  3. 92? You can keep that!
    We're well above normal here as well, but not to the extent you are. I did , however, have an extra five WEEKS of growing this fall. Unreal. Part of me enjoyed it, part of me wanted it DONE, ya know?
    Well, happy fall. I hope you get some cooler temps.

  4. Your temps are hotter than mine down here in s.e. FL.

    Happy Fall and I hope you get some cooler temps soon.



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