Sunday, January 29, 2017

Big Wildlife

This hawk has been visiting our garden lately.  Seems to have captured a sparrow for lunch today.  One day, he caught a turtle dove and in the pursuit, they both crashed into our patio door.  Gave us quite a scare.  I took this photo through a window.  He's sitting on one of our picnic table benches.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ordered Seeds/Planned Veggies

I have my list of veggies for this year one post back.  Nothing too different in what is listed.  Am planning another variety of kohlrabi (delicacy white).  I'll decide on the peppers and tomatoes at the nursery.  Will see what is available and what looks the best.  What is most notable is what I don't have on the list this year.  I removed all the melons and all the pumpkins this year.  They take a lot of water and we haven't gotten a lot of harvest from them the last few years.  Our farmers' market has great melon and pumpkin growers.  I think I'll give them more business this year and spend less time searching for squash bugs.  I'll probably toss some of my remaining pumpkin seeds in our "wild area."  If they do well on their own, bonus!

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Edibles 2017

=basil *

snap: contender  (buff valentine) (bush)

scarlet nantes

slicers: marketmore 76

=garlic *
hard neck
--as easy as ever.

blue curled scotch
--planted too late.

=kohlrabi *
early white vienna
purple vienna

leaf: salad bowl
leaf: red salad bowl
leaf: black seeded simpson
romaine: forellenschluss “speckled trout”
romaine:  red
soft head (butterhead) : buttercrunch
--what a year for lettuce.  still harvested some in july. all the rains made it grow and grow and grow.

=onion sets
ebenezer (white)
--just grew for green onions.  yummy.

--parsley *
giant of italy
--did great in a container.

shelling types: little marvel (dwarf)
snow peas: melting sugar
--did great with all the rain until hail storm did them in.

bell: early summer:  starter plant
bell:  Valencia orange: starter plant
bell:  red knight X3R:  starter plant
bell:  California Wonder:  starter plant
jalapeno: mucho nacho: starter plant
--set on late so didn't have many bells get their color. the jalepenos grew large.

multi-colored: french breakfast
multi-colored: sparkler
multi-colored: scarlet turnip white tip
red: cherry belle
--great radishes with all the rain.

=squash, summer
early prolific straightneck
black beauty (zucchini)
early white bush scallop
--mostly got the scallop squash this year.

=squash, winter
table queen acorn
candy roaster
--light production year because the dill shaded them too much early on.

grape/cherry type:  sun sugar: starter plant
grape/cherry type: sweet 100: starter plant
plum/roma type: roma plum: starter plant
--cherry tomatoes did great, roma was a disappointment.

=asparagus *
jersey knight
--the bed seemed a little thin this year.  the dry winter was probably a problem.

=mint *
--it just grows in the alley.

=winter onion
Egyptian Walking *
--used them for cooking at times.

=squash, summer
--didn't get any of these this year.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Iced Garden

I think we're done getting rain/sleet/snow, etc.  It's is right above freezing this afternoon so everything is dripping and bits of ice are falling off things, but it will freeze again tonight before we really thaw out tomorrow.  So far, no broken trees in our garden and we've kept electricity.  Much worse for some people around us.  Amazing the art work Mother Nature creates.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Warm January Day

Tuesday was unseasonably warm for us.  I took the opportunity to survey the garden and do a little clean up.

During the survey, I discovered that something has dug up my orange/peach tulips!  Don't know if any bulbs got left behind.  I wonder if something just ate them or if a squirrel has "planted" them in other places.  Will be watching this spring.  I've had those tulips in that spot for over ten years.  Crazy wildlife.

I got the "wild area" tidied up a bit and have decided where the next composting hole will be.

Today wasn't bad, but we are in the area of "crippling" ice that is forecast for the Sunflower State.  We'll see what tonight and tomorrow brings.  Just some light rain showers this evening, but family and friends south of us are reporting ice forming on trees at this hour and it's moving north.  Maybe I'll have some icy garden photos for you next.

Be safe if you're in the path of this storm system too.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy To Be Inside

I have some plants hanging out in our family room (which is sloooooowwwwly being remodeled) for the winter.  Everyone seems to be doing well.  I actually took this photo so I could remember which plants are on each shelf because they seem to be doing well with the light situation, and I want to match that again next winter if I can.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

Plant Markers

Hello and Happy New Year!
Hope the holiday season was good to you.  We enjoyed a lot of family gatherings, good food and fun.

Wanted to share with you a garden gift I received from my in-laws.  These vegetable plant markers are heavy brass with great graphics.  They match the sundial we received earlier in the year from them very well.  Apparently, my in-laws have begun browsing antique/thrift stores and are finding nice pieces for our garden.  

I plant every vegetable featured.  They're perfect!