Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Warm January Day

Tuesday was unseasonably warm for us.  I took the opportunity to survey the garden and do a little clean up.

During the survey, I discovered that something has dug up my orange/peach tulips!  Don't know if any bulbs got left behind.  I wonder if something just ate them or if a squirrel has "planted" them in other places.  Will be watching this spring.  I've had those tulips in that spot for over ten years.  Crazy wildlife.

I got the "wild area" tidied up a bit and have decided where the next composting hole will be.

Today wasn't bad, but we are in the area of "crippling" ice that is forecast for the Sunflower State.  We'll see what tonight and tomorrow brings.  Just some light rain showers this evening, but family and friends south of us are reporting ice forming on trees at this hour and it's moving north.  Maybe I'll have some icy garden photos for you next.

Be safe if you're in the path of this storm system too.

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  1. I hope your weather/ice won't be too severe. Here in GA, winter ice often cripples us! When we were cleaning up our new yard last summer, we found a lot of bulbs and replanted them. I wonder what they are and if they'll bloom!

  2. I hope they didn't get all of those lovely tulip bulbs. To think they've been there for 10 years and then this. I would be beside myself, angry at the dang critters. ;-)

    Hope the ice storm does no damage and that you keep your power.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hope you avoid the worst of the's supposed to be terrible!
    I still can't get over that there are places with no snow! Sounds like we will be snowless after this week---crazy warm-up ahead. 40 degrees? Unheard of up here in January!
    Have a good week!

  4. I can remember sitting in my kitchen window one late spring and I noticed a beautiful pink tulip which had just bloomed. A few hours later, I saw that it was flat on the ground. Then a yellow and a red tulip did the same exact thing the following day! When I investigated, I found that a mole or vole had eaten them right at the bottom of the stem and into the bulb. I hope the rest of your tulips are spared. Nature can be naughty as well as nice.

  5. GonSS, we here in Nebraska are in the teeth of the ice storm. It is bad on the neighborhood streets. I've dumped ice melt on my driveway several times but to no avail. I've never seen any thing like this. There's a layer of ice from last night with wet rain on top of the ice making it even more slippery. Everyone on my street decided to stay home from work today. Luckily the schools were already closed due to Martin Luther King Day but I suspect they would have been closed any way due to the weather. I'm staying inside today and getting some house work done. Yuck!

    Have a great day in January.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer


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