Sunday, January 29, 2017

Big Wildlife

This hawk has been visiting our garden lately.  Seems to have captured a sparrow for lunch today.  One day, he caught a turtle dove and in the pursuit, they both crashed into our patio door.  Gave us quite a scare.  I took this photo through a window.  He's sitting on one of our picnic table benches.


  1. Your hawk looks like the same one which visited us about a month ago. He came to our deck and captured NOT a bird --but a CHIPMUNK..... That was his lunch!!!! ha


  2. Yikes! I know he has to eat, but from your own garden right outside you window?

  3. Wow! I guess you are pretty lucky it did not crash thru your patio door! I could not even imagine. Good capture! Maybe a red tailed or red shouldered hawk?

  4. He is gorgeous ! We had one which flew into our conservatory and knocked itself out briefly on the window. It was fine btw, and I had chance to get up close and personal, and have a really good look at it !

  5. Hi friend, Following along again. Wishing you a very nice afternoon/evening. Our pollen count is so high due to unusually warm temps. Hope you are doing well.


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