Monday, January 16, 2017

Iced Garden

I think we're done getting rain/sleet/snow, etc.  It's is right above freezing this afternoon so everything is dripping and bits of ice are falling off things, but it will freeze again tonight before we really thaw out tomorrow.  So far, no broken trees in our garden and we've kept electricity.  Much worse for some people around us.  Amazing the art work Mother Nature creates.


  1. There is nothing more beautiful than an ice storm, but oh, the damage it can do to trees and shrubs (and birds!!!)
    So glad you didn't lose power.
    Nice photos!!

  2. Hello :D
    Frozen winter is delightful. It seems to me that the plants have silvery robe. Greetings and welcome to me :)

  3. I agree. It is beautiful when she glazes everything for us. :)

  4. Ice can be beautiful --but it can also be SO damaging. Our horrible ice storm a couple of years ago did huge amounts of damage in our area... It was NOT pretty.... I hope your area is OKAY after the Ice Storm.



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