Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ordered Seeds/Planned Veggies

I have my list of veggies for this year one post back.  Nothing too different in what is listed.  Am planning another variety of kohlrabi (delicacy white).  I'll decide on the peppers and tomatoes at the nursery.  Will see what is available and what looks the best.  What is most notable is what I don't have on the list this year.  I removed all the melons and all the pumpkins this year.  They take a lot of water and we haven't gotten a lot of harvest from them the last few years.  Our farmers' market has great melon and pumpkin growers.  I think I'll give them more business this year and spend less time searching for squash bugs.  I'll probably toss some of my remaining pumpkin seeds in our "wild area."  If they do well on their own, bonus!

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  1. Hi there--I agree with your decision to stop growing melons and pumpkins. I"m doing that with squash. I only ever seem to get one or two, and for all the space and effort, it's not worth it to me anymore.
    Farmer's Markets are so fun to go through, anyway.

    Won't that be funny if the pumpkins in the wild area do well?--I know some of my compost plants are enviable.

  2. May your veggie gardens bear much produce this year. I'm sure it will be a relief not having to watch for squash bugs.

    Happy Gardening planning, planting, etc.



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