Friday, February 10, 2017

Crocus Blooms

First crocus blooming!

Today was very warm.  We reached 83 degrees Fahrenheit.  Crazy for February.

I've been keeping track of the first crocus blooms since I started this blog.

2016 February 16
2015 February 8
2014 February 15
2013 February 3
2012 January 30
2011 February 23
2010 March 4


  1. Hi there--that's certainly some variation with the crocus blooms. They're lovely, and I'm sooooooo looking forward to catching some of that Spring warmth and sunshine very soon. Heading to Nebraska for the migrations soon. You have Kirwin and Quivira refuges--do you ever go to them? What a sight when those HUGE flocks are moving......


    1. We have not been to the reservoirs during migrations, but have visited Quivira and Cheyenne Bottoms at times. Not that we're in a rush to get to a certain age, but we often say if only we were retired and had the flexibility to go when ever and see more places when the timing was right. Enjoy your trip!!!

  2. They are pretty and it must be so exciting for you.

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day ~ FlowerLady

  3. GonSS, I've always had Crocus next to my house in the Spring flower bulb garden. Amazingly enough Tulips are the first to poke up through the ground just about this time of the year. The Crocus are the first to bloom because they are shorter I guess. Last Fall I decided to plant some out by the street in the parkway strip between the sidewalk and the street. I did a test a few years ago with a few and they came up just fine. Last Fall I lifted a patch of grass about a foot wide and one section of sidewalk long in the grass section between the sidewalk and the street. I scattered about 150 bulbs on the bare dirt and replaced the sod over the bulbs. It will be interesting to see if any come up this Spring. If it works, I'll do another section this Fall and every fall until the whole stretch is covered. The nice thing about Crocus is that about the time the grass is growing and needs to be cut their blooming is over and they die back until the next Spring. Maybe I can mix in some Hyacinth as well. I'll have to watch their bloom cycle this Spring and see it that would work for them as well.

    Have a great crazy February day.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farm

    1. I like your bulb plan. That will look very nice. Bulbs in a lawn area are such a treat and like you said, disappear when the lawn gets going. We have a house in town that has a front yard full of tulips each spring. Makes everyone smile.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones. We are enjoying this special day in Arkansas at our special little cabin on the mountain!

    We are having the warmest winter I can remember since we moved to Fairfield Glade in 2003.... NOT much winter AT ALL.

  5. Hi, Such sweet little blooms and WOW on your warmer temps!
    I have discontinued my old blog and started a new one (click on my name to visit) if you have the time. I wish you a very nice weekend.


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