Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Some hyacinth bulbs are starting to bloom in the garden.
It is very warm and very windy today.  Took about an hour to clean up some flower beds.  Not as much henbit and chick weed to pull as I thought I'd find.  Some vinca vine from a container on the patio rooted its tendrils into one of the beds.  Hopefully, I got it all dug out.  The butterfly bush has some dead sections.  I don't know if it's aging and that is normal or if the drought has affected it.  We've had a very dry winter.  Digging in the soil shows that I need to start watering.  Came in from the wind and am now enjoying watching the birds at the feeders from our kitchen table.  I can clearly hear the chimes with the window open on this early March day.  Thanks for visiting my garden.  Be well!

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  1. Hi, We definitely had damage from our Summer/Fall drought here... We've lost at least half of our big Rhododendron bush .. Not sure what to do with it... I loved that big bush so much... AND--most of our Forsythias are weak at best and some are gone....

    We had a very windy day yesterday and today --and a cold front is coming through... No COLD weather though much.. We just haven't had much winter at all here... Our drought situation is better now --but we are still in a deficit.



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