Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A beautiful day to be in the garden!  Monday and Tuesday were just awful here.  Such strong winds pushing wildfires across the plains of the Sunflower State.  A sweet friend's home was damaged.  Luckily, crews got the fire out before it took the whole house.  Others have not been so lucky.  Lost homes, farm buildings and so many animals.  We really need rain.  At least having a calm day is letting firefighting crews get things under control.  I spent the afternoon cleaning up some more planting beds.  Need to repair our weather vane and need to buy some paint for a few pieces of garden art.  A sweet garden friend shared some tete-a-tete bulbs with me a few years back.  They are showing off right now.  Hope all is well with you.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. I am glad to read your are ok. Sorry to read about your friend having her house damaged by fire.

    We had lots of wind down here for several days and they had fire warnings up, because of dryness and wind. Today is the first calm day.

    Love your happy yellow flowers.

    Happy upcoming spring to you ~ FlowerLady

  2. When I saw your photo, I thought those might be Tete a Tete! One of my favorite daffodils. Such a beautiful little clump you have.

    So sorry that your friend's home was damaged by wildfires. I understand there's been a lot of damage around the state this year.

  3. Sorry to hear about the drought and high winds. SCARY when there are fires around.... We went through that all Fall...

    Right now, we have a major problem coming: Mild Winter and now lots of things growing/budding/blooming .... BUT---tomorrow and Wednesday we are going to have a major Arctic Freeze with temps going down into the teens. BAD NEWS for our yard... Ole Mother Nature can be so cruel.



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