Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April has had a hard time deciding which season to be this year.  Our temperatures have been all over the place.  We've had crazy wind and downpours around beautiful spring days and some very warm ones too.  Today, we're getting snow after days of rain and wind.  Places west of us are really being buried in snow.  Overnight, thunder woke me up during a sleet shower.  Apparently, Mother Nature wanted one more April Fools' Joke.

While my containers are ready, I resisted planting them with annuals when I saw the weather forecast.  I also hold off on tomatoes and other vegetables until May because our weather is fickle.  The rain barrels are up and full after all this moisture.  While we're getting sleet and snow, it's actually above freezing.  The bird baths are not frozen.  My wonderful husband helped me add cedar mulch Thursday morning and I've made a list of plants to buy for the containers.  I brought in several irises to open in the house.  I have more colors waiting to show off.  While there are buds waiting in the garden, I think the irises have gone into a holding phase until it warms back up a bit.  Next week looks to be warmer, more spring like.

Happy May Day everyone!


  1. Hello!
    In Poland the weather is capricious too. There is no snow in my garden but it is cold and ugly. It's raining. I miss the sunny days.
    Kisses :)

  2. My first thought was oh no, she is under water. I'm so glad it was only a dusting of snow.

    Hope you get better weather soon.


  3. I don't normally "do" containers because I am so unreliable about keeping them watered, but I am going to try some again this summer. Do you buy your plants or start them from seed? And, if you buy them, do you try to ensure that they haven't been grown with neonics? I do NOT want to entice pollinators to my yard and then poison them because of where I bought my plants....

    Sure glad that the snow and temperatures were relatively mild. Your garden is looking fantastic.

    1. I buy the plants or stick in cuttings from plants I have like vinca vine and angel wing begonias. We have a couple of local growers who post that they do not use neonics. I've also noticed the box stores are starting to realize that issue and many labels say they are free of them. I shop the local growers first though. Thanks for checking out the garden. Really happy with how the plants are doing right now. This may be the summer we lose the front lawn too. We are going to change our front walk and you know how one thing leads to another. If we're going to be making that mess, why not also.... :-)

  4. Yes, the weather has been crazy --not only in April but also in May so far.... This week, it feels just like summer (hot and humid)... One would think it was August.... Mercy Me!!!!!

    I assume you all made it okay after the Missouri flooding.... I read about the floods and thought of you....

    Our Roses are blooming like crazy now... BUT--the Irises are gone for the season.... Hope your Irises have a chance to bloom for you.



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